who will benefit from dci strategic?

Companies with or building a global network

Mergers and acquisitions with companies with mature global networks

Large companies with a tactical approach & start-ups needing support to bridge growth:

  • Achieve a global footprint through strategic network partnerships vs. acquiring physical assets; transition to ownership as growth warrants
  • Find the best balance between ownership, outsourcing and partnerships that allows for nimble reactions and agility in response to market fluctuations
  • Merge supply chains in a way that maximizes efficiency by engaging existing expertise to create the new structure from the inside out
  • Integrate supply chain into each line of business in order to best utilize internal assets and resources as well as create a unified plan across all silos
  • Move from transactional procurement to strategic supply chain management to create sustainable cost reductions
  • Leverage expertise of strategic partners to drive growth and innovation
  • Supply expertise and interim resources for start-ups or smaller companies creating immediate results

pillars of global supply chain



Taking waste out of the system while gaining strong brand experience is creating sustainable value. Increase market share through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement.


Having the right people, good processes and best technology for scalable and improved business. Key is finding balances and trade-offs between the three.




Mitigating impact to supply and delivery while keeping current with trade regulations and supplier engagement though Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). Resilience is an ability to adapt and having contingency planning in place to reduce potential disruptions.


Gaining efficiency.  Effectiveness enables savings and positioning for growth or mergers & acquisitions. Supply Chain modeling is a useful way to do sensitivity analysis on network redesign to get these gains.